Internet Marketing

  This service includes:   This service is good for:
  • Script writing based on your idea and requirements
  • Speech editing and delivering by a professional linguist
  • Contemporary studios and video effects
  • Power Point and Picture-in-Picture presentation
  • Advertising of your video on YouTube
  • Providing the integration of the video in your website
  • Presentation to your business - cafe, gallery, shop, etc.
  • Advertisement of your service
  • Information about your new product
  • Video instructions and tuition for your customers
  • Introduction to your website
  • Video news, articles, demos, events, activities, etc.
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  Web Traffic Analysis:   Keyword Analysis:
  • Select and set up the traffic tracking system
  • Profile the visitors
  • Identify the target market
  • Find out where your browsers are going, evaluate their behavior to gain the competitive edge
  • Analyze where your competitor's traffic is coming from
  • Leverage your website's analytics to maximize your ROI
  • Generate a list of most relevant keywords
  • Identify niche keywords and phrases
  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Increase probability of your site being found
  • Expose unknown competitors
  • Improve your publicity in regard to your competitors
  Optimize Your Website Content:  
  • Natural Search Engine Optimization
    • Noble and legal approaches
    • Quantities measurement
  • Ensure a website is fully visible on the major search engines in response to specific consumer search terms and keywords
  • Redesign website to be Search Engine friendly
  Link Exchange Program:   Other Publicity Programs:
  • Find sites that are related to your content
  • Organize and manage your reciprocal links
  • Publish and update your reciprocal directory
  Email Campaign:
  • No Spam, legal approaches - *
  • Generate a list of the target market
  • Send email with high level delivery
  • Ads on Internet
    • Strategy and Planning
    • Design Ads and Banners
    • Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • Publish articles
  • Create references
  • Affiliate programs